Jeff has assisted us in developing our management team. He has coached myself, the management team, and the entire firm to enhance our communication skills and efficiency. With more organizational structure our overall efficiencies and communication has vastly improved. The coaching and mentoring process is an on-going effort and the real results require an investment of time and dollars to get the desired impacts.
— Lynn Rust, CEO
Lynn Rust CPA, Keene, NH

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Bennington, NH Zero Stress Leadership Coaching

We are helping leaders in Bennington, NH improve their management style, become better at prioritizing, reduce stress and become more overall emotionally intelligent.

Jeff Saari, CEO of Workplace Culture Solutions and Visionary Coaching LLC, founded his company in 2007. His enthusiastic passion and life purpose is to support leadership and cultural excellence in businesses and organizations. He works with leaders to achieve a maximum level of emotional intelligence to share with their organizations. Jeff teaches communication and meeting facilitation skills, practices one-on-one and group coaching, and leads organizational retreats.

We work to improve your personal management skills on a long term basis!

We specialize in improving the following:

  • employee performance and commitment,

  • communication,

  • being on purpose,

  • collaboration,

  • role clarity,

  • getting the right things done,

  • self-mastery, and

  • dealing with fear and frustration.

My mission is to help create healthy leaders, healthy teams, and healthy businesses through coaching engagements.
— Jeff Saari, Leadership Coach
Jeff Saari, Leadership Coach


LEADERSHIP STYLE coaching with the ceo of ABTech

Jeff worked with me first and eventually with all employees to teach us about managing relationships, emotional Intelligence, self awareness, managing triggers, rules of feedback, showing appreciation, listening skills, how to set an agenda, successfully run a meeting and more.
— Ken Abbott, CEO of ABTech, Inc.

How has Jeff Saari improved Ken Abbott’s leadership.

“I listen differently and pay attention to every word and the actions and mannerisms of the person I am talking to. I am curious and ask questions, paraphrase to better understand their intention or problem and no longer look for opportunities to find fault or impress them. I am being there for them and living in that moment, and it feels good to have a positive impact on those around me. The biggest change at ABTech is that the complaining and backstabbing is gone. People have learned that if they don’t like something they see with a policy, procedure or co-worker that they can change it by giving feedback in a respectful way. What we call negative group behavior is so toxic and counterproductive and doesn’t produce any positive results. We are learning to hold each other accountable by upholding the vision of ‘Pride in People.’”

The majority of my employees took exceptionally well to these lessons as we all learned new terminology and skills and gained a better understanding of each other. I would recommend Jeff Saari to any business that is looking for ways to increase morale, work on team building and motivation, improve company culture and build trust with employees. He will take you, your organization and your employees to places that you had never imagined you could go.
— Ken Abbott, CEO of ABTech, Inc.

How has Jeff’s teachings influenced ABTech’s success

ABTech’s success has been built on developing people to collaborate better. Abbott made the point by saying he continually looks at not letting his ego (being Mr. Right, feeling superior, being a dictator, etc.) get in the way of his desire for a great workplace. Abbott has created a similar practice. He creates a common lexicon for his employees to live by. Words like triggers, feedback, intention, and choosing your attitude are common staples in the workplace. “You can run your business with compassion, empathy and spirituality and still run a tight ship, be more successful and profitable, less stressed and create more of a thriving and alive environment than if you are the grumpy dictator that scares people into doing their job. Who do you want to be remembered as when you’re gone? What is your legacy going to be?”

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Bennington is a town in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, United States. The population was 1,476 at the 2010 census.

The main village of the town, where 381 people resided at the 2010 census, is defined as the Bennington census-designated place (CDP), and is located on the Contoocook River at the intersection of New Hampshire routes 31 and 47.

The town is crossed by U. S. Route 202 and state routes 31 and 47. It is bordered by the towns of Deering to the northeast, Francestown to the east, Greenfield to the south, Hancock to the southwest, and Antrim to the west and north.

Bennington, NH school

Bennington, NH school

Bennington is the home of the Monadnock Paper Mills as well as Crotched Mountain Ski & Ride, a medium-sized ski resort on the Francestown line.

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