Jeff has assisted us in developing our management team. He has coached myself, the management team, and the entire firm to enhance our communication skills and efficiency. With more organizational structure our overall efficiencies and communication has vastly improved. The coaching and mentoring process is an on-going effort and the real results require an investment of time and dollars to get the desired impacts.
— Lynn Rust, CEO
Lynn Rust CPA, Keene, NH

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Leadership Coaching for Brattleboro, VT area businesses

We are helping leaders in Brattleboro, VT improve their management style, become better at prioritizing, reduce stress and become more overall emotionally intelligent.

Jeff Saari, CEO of Workplace Culture Solutions and Visionary Coaching LLC, founded his company in 2007. His enthusiastic passion and life purpose is to support leadership and cultural excellence in businesses and organizations. He works with leaders to achieve a maximum level of emotional intelligence to share with their organizations. Jeff teaches communication and meeting facilitation skills, practices one-on-one and group coaching, and leads organizational retreats.

We work to improve your personal management skills on a long term basis!

We specialize in improving the following:

  • employee performance and commitment,

  • communication,

  • being on purpose,

  • collaboration,

  • role clarity,

  • getting the right things done,

  • self-mastery, and

  • dealing with fear and frustration.

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My mission is to help create healthy leaders, healthy teams, and healthy businesses through coaching engagements.
— Jeff Saari, Leadership Coach
Jeff Saari, Leadership Coach


Take control of triggers at work

Most of us feel pretty calm, caring, rational and happy-go-lucky most of the time (what I call our baseline feeling). We plug away, giving our best to the job and feel good about our work life. Then, for instance, a vendor is going to be late with your product, causing your energy to shift from your baseline feeling to feeling anxious or frustrated about being able to fill your customer’s order on time. Or a coworker’s consistent complaining has you anxious just by the thought of seeing him at work that day. The feelings you feel in reaction to a non-ideal stimulus is what I call a trigger. In the first case, the late product is the stimulus and the trigger is anxiety or frustration. In the second, the thought of the coworker’s complaining is the stimulus and anxiety is the trigger. Our unmet expectations, desires and needs culminate in a propensity to feel a trigger. Some routine situations that cause us stress are: organizational power dynamics and politics; too much work to do; unclear direction; lack of communication; technology woes; differing personalities and perspectives; poorly run meetings; problem behaviors; as well as a multitude of other scenarios.

For more information check out Take Control of Triggers at Work, by Jeff Saari.

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Learn more about Jeff Saari’s coaching techniques and how he helped Keene State College students with stress managment.

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Brattleboro, VT, originally Brattleborough, is a town in Windham County, Vermont, United States. The most populous municipality abutting Vermont's eastern border with New Hampshire, which is the Connecticut River, Brattleboro is located about 10 miles (16 km) north of the Massachusetts state line, at the confluence of Vermont's West River and the Connecticut. In 2014, Brattleboro's population was estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau to be 11,765.

Marlboro College Center for Graduate and Professional Studies and SIT Graduate Institute are located in the town. There are satellite campuses of three colleges as well: Community College of Vermont, Union Institute and University, and Vermont Technical College. The town is home to the New England Center for Circus Arts and the Vermont Jazz Center.


Jeff Saari offers leadership consulting to Brattleboro, VT businesses and non-profits.

Jeff Saari offers leadership consulting to Brattleboro, VT businesses and non-profits.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 32.5 square miles (84.0 km2), of which 32.0 square miles (82.9 km2) is land and 0.5 square mile (1.2 km2, 1.42%) is water. Brattleboro is drained by the West River, Ames Hill Brook and Whetstone Brook. The town is in the Connecticut River Valley, and its eastern boundary (and the Vermont state line) is the western bank of the Connecticut River. Hills and mountains surround the town.

Source:, Brattleboro, Vermont