Jeff’s style never leaves you questioning the investment you are making to make your company stronger while keeping your desire of continuing to be a world class provider of professional services. Sign up now, do not let another moment pass without this guy on your team!
— Lynn Rust, CEO
Lynn Rust CPA, Keene, NH

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Leadership Coaching for Greenfield, NH non-profits and businesses

We are helping leaders in Greenfield, NH improve their management style, become better at prioritizing, reduce stress and become more overall emotionally intelligent.

Jeff Saari, CEO of Workplace Culture Solutions and Visionary Coaching LLC, founded his company in 2007. His enthusiastic passion and life purpose is to support leadership and cultural excellence in businesses and organizations. He works with leaders to achieve a maximum level of emotional intelligence to share with their organizations. Jeff teaches communication and meeting facilitation skills, practices one-on-one and group coaching, and leads organizational retreats.

We work to improve your personal management skills on a long term basis!

We specialize in improving the following:

  • employee performance and commitment,

  • communication,

  • being on purpose,

  • collaboration,

  • role clarity,

  • getting the right things done,

  • self-mastery, and

  • dealing with fear and frustration.

My mission is to help create healthy leaders, healthy teams, and healthy businesses through coaching engagements.
— Jeff Saari, Leadership Coach
Jeff Saari, Leadership Coach


What is the meaning of leadership

If you Google search the word “leadership,” you’ll get no less than 484 million hits. Leadership is not a new topic, with roots dating back to Plato in Ancient Greece. Even still, according to Wikipedia, leadership has only become the focus of contemporary academic studies in the last 60 years, and particularly more so in the last two decades. In other words: the study of leadership is still in its infancy. As leadership and organizational coaches, we know that theory leads to practice, which in turn leads to theory over and over again; the definition continually gets tweaked.

For more information check out Shared leadership: a new way to build organizational muscle, by Jeff Saari.

recent college presentation

Learn more about Jeff Saari’s coaching techniques and how he helped Keene State College students with stress managment.

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About Greenfield, NH


Greenfield, NH is a town in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, United States. The population was 1,749 at the 2010 census. Greenfield is home to the Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center, to Greenfield State Park, and to part of the Wapack Trail.


Originally known as “Lyndeborough Addition”, the area was first settled by the Lynde family in 1753. Separated from the nearest church and school by the Monadnock hills, the residents successfully petitioned to form a new town in 1791, using the name “Greenfield” to highlight the area's level, fertile ground.

In 1953, the Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center began operation in Greenfield. Established by Harry Gregg, the facility on Crotched Mountain originally treated for polio, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other physical and neurological disabilities. A center for adult rehabilitation would open in 1961, and a rehabilitation center for adults with brain injuries in 1986. The complex today provides service to over 2,000 children and adults. In 2004, it unveiled the first wheelchair-accessible treehouse in New Hampshire.

Greenfield is home to the Yankee Siege, considered the most powerful (current) trebuchet in the world, which has participated in the annual World Championship Punkin' Chunkin' Contest in Sussex County, Delaware since 2004. The farthest official toss is 1,897 feet (578 m) as of 2008, although there are unofficial reports of 2,000-to-2,300-foot (610 to 700 m) throws as of 2009.


According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 26.6 square miles (68.9 km2), of which 26.1 square miles (67.6 km2) is land and 0.5 square miles (1.3 km2) is water, comprising 2.09% of the town. Greenfield is drained by Stony Brook, Otter Brook and the Contoocook River; the town lies fully within the Merrimack River watershed. North Pack Monadnock Mountain, elevation 2,276 feet (694 m) above sea level, is the northernmost summit of the Wapack Range and the highest point in Greenfield.


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