In working with Jeff I have benefited from his insightful questioning and his inquisitive style. Jeff not only helps me to overcome uncertainties but helps to tear down barriers I may have only imagined were there.
— Jason Chagnon President
Masiello Employment Group, Keene, NH

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We are helping leaders in SPRINGFIELD, VT improve their management style, become better at prioritizing, reduce stress and become more overall emotionally intelligent.

Jeff Saari, CEO of Workplace Culture Solutions and Visionary Coaching LLC, founded his company in 2007. His enthusiastic passion and life purpose is to support leadership and cultural excellence in businesses and organizations. He works with leaders to achieve a maximum level of emotional intelligence to share with their organizations. Jeff teaches communication and meeting facilitation skills, practices one-on-one and group coaching, and leads organizational retreats.

We work to improve your personal management skills on a long term basis!

We specialize in improving the following:

  • employee performance and commitment,

  • communication,

  • being on purpose,

  • collaboration,

  • role clarity,

  • getting the right things done,

  • self-mastery, and

  • dealing with fear and frustration.

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My mission is to help create healthy leaders, healthy teams, and healthy businesses through coaching engagements.
— Jeff Saari, Leadership Coach
Jeff Saari, Leadership Coach


The Anatomy of Organizational Culture Change

As most business owners, leaders and managers know, organizational culture is real, though it can be hard to put a finger on exactly what it is, and thus how to engender it in the workplace day-to-day. It has always been my view that culture happens whether we are intentional about it or not, so why not be strategic about the practices that set the conditions for a positive, collaborative and innovative work environment? In past articles, I have exposed the various skills and practices that are paramount to developing a strong and vibrant culture. In this article I will put them all together in a top-level view so you can see the trajectory and method that I use in my work, what I call the anatomy of organizational culture change. I view culture development as both linear and concurrent. The linear piece means that my main concepts are broken out and discussed week after week, one after another. The concurrent piece is that even though I parse the skills out, they all work together, in tandem, like pieces of cloth working together to make a quilt. In the beginning, you need to work on each square of fabric. We begin week after week to sew the concepts and skills together to make a portion of a quilt in real time. When they are put together they make something very useful, a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. When all of the pieces of culture change are working together, they forge an energy that taps into the collective wisdom of the group. The group itself becomes more intelligent because of each person’s increasing commitment to practice the attitudes and skills that make their particular culture highly functional.

For more information check out The Anatomy of Organizational Culture Change: A Small Toolbox for Big Change, by Jeff Saari.

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Springfield is a town in Windsor County, Vermont, United States. The population was 9,373 at the 2010 census.

Several sites in Springfield, including the historic downtown area, have been designated as having historical significance according to the National Register of Historic Places. Among them are the Hartness House (original home of the entrepreneur and governor) and the Gould's Mill Bridge, a steel truss bridge.

On July 10, 2007, Springfield was selected to host the premiere of The Simpsons Movie, which, like the Simpsons TV show, is set in a town called Springfield. In a Fox competition, Vermont was chosen to host the opening over 13 other places around the nation called Springfield.

Springfield is home to branches of the Community College of Vermont and the University of Vermont, which are housed in the Howard Dean Education Center.


The River Valley Technical Center is housed in the Howard Dean Education Center and is adjacent to Springfield High School. The RVTC teaches technical courses to the students of Springfield and surrounding towns of Chester, Bellows FallsWestminster, Ludlow and Charlestown.