Jeff’s contagious positive approach resonated strongly with every one of the unique personalities working for the brewery project. His one on one and group training sessions were thought-provoking, well-executed and uniquely tailored to address the communication challenges we faced. Jeff Saari can have an amazing impact on any organization and industry.
— Ed Coppola, General Manager & Partner, The 472 Brewery Project, Keene, NH

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Leadership Coaching offers Swanzey NH business and non-profits

We are helping leaders in Swanzey NH improve their management style, become better at prioritizing, reduce stress and become more overall emotionally intelligent.

Jeff Saari, CEO of Workplace Culture Solutions and Visionary Coaching LLC, founded his company in 2007. His enthusiastic passion and life purpose is to support leadership and cultural excellence in businesses and organizations. He works with leaders to achieve a maximum level of emotional intelligence to share with their organizations. Jeff teaches communication and meeting facilitation skills, practices one-on-one and group coaching, and leads organizational retreats.

We work to improve your personal management skills on a long term basis!

We specialize in improving the following:

  • employee performance and commitment,

  • communication,

  • being on purpose,

  • collaboration,

  • role clarity,

  • getting the right things done,

  • self-mastery, and

  • dealing with fear and frustration.

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My mission is to help create healthy leaders, healthy teams, and healthy businesses through coaching engagements.
— Jeff Saari, Leadership Coach
Jeff Saari, Leadership Coach



How Jeff Saari worked with Paul Seneshal to improve leadership techniques at Carlisle Wide plank flooring

Paul Seneschal, director of manufacturing, hired me to support the culture at Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring to match its world-class products. Paul has an extremely impressive past, working with companies such as Honeywell, Sun Microsystems and the former Wang Laboratories to name a few. These companies had cultural development as a strategic imperative.

Since taking over the helm of manufacturing in January 2012, Paul has consistently brought his expertise and strengths to bear in creating an operation that is successful on multiple levels; culture is one of these levels. It is the people of Carlisle (and any business or organization) that run machines, crunch numbers, take inventory, put gleaming finishes on the floors and ship floors out. It is the people in any company that define the quality of the relationships in a business. And it is the quality of the relationships that define a culture. Paul and I have orchestrated a culture change since January 2014 to get at a higher level of excellence in relationship, communication, collaboration, problem-solving and appreciation. Paul set me free to work with the majority of the manufacturing workers, working with various teams of people week after week.

“My desire was to implement a self-winding culture, where employees could solve issues on their own…”

“My desire was to implement a self-winding culture, where employees could solve issues on their own…”

I have been extremely pleased with the results that we have achieved over the past year. My desire was to implement a self-winding culture, where employees could solve issues on their own, enabling them to grow as individuals and gain more confidence in their ability to solve some of the more complex problems without intervention.

Learn more about Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring.

For more information on how Jeff Saari helped Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring check out Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring: Building a Culture of Manufacturing Excellence, by Jeff Saari.

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Learn more about Jeff Saari’s coaching techniques and how he helped Keene State College students with stress managment.

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Swanzey, NH is a town in Cheshire County, New Hampshire, United States. The population was 7,230 at the 2010 census. In addition to the town center, Swanzey includes the villages of East Swanzey, West Swanzey, North Swanzey, and Westport.


First granted in 1733 as Lower Ashuelot, Swanzey was one of the fort towns established by Governor Jonathan Belcher of Massachusetts, which then claimed the territory. The town was the site of many battles during King George's War, and in 1747 was abandoned for three years. It was regranted to 62 proprietors on July 2, 1753 by Governor Benning Wentworth as Swanzey, most probably because some early settlers had a connection to Swansea in Wales. Situated on the Ashuelot River and connected by the Ashuelot Railroad, West Swanzey developed as a textile mill town, and East Swanzey produced wooden buckets for generations. By 1859, the population was 2,106.

The town features four covered bridges, and was the home of theatrical trouper Denman Thompson, who gained a national reputation by his portrayal of the Yankee farmer, “Joshua Whitcomb”, star of his stage play The Old Homestead. Residents restage Thompson's melodrama every summer at a natural outdoor amphitheater called the Potash Bowl.


According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 45.3 square miles (117 km2), of which 45.0 sq mi (117 km2) is land and 0.4 sq mi (1.0 km2) is water, comprising 0.79% of the town. Swanzey is drained by the Ashuelot River. The town's highest point is the summit of Franklin Mountain at 1,423 feet (434 m) above sea level, on the border with Winchester. The town is crossed by New Hampshire Route 10, New Hampshire Route 12 and New Hampshire Route 32; and nearby Keene.


Jeff Saari offers Swanzey, NH businesses in the Southwest NH Enterprise Zone leadership consulting services.

Jeff Saari offers Swanzey, NH businesses in the Southwest NH Enterprise Zone leadership consulting services.

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