Positive and Negative Thinking


There are many people out there that think positive thinking is the holy grail.  There's nothing wrong with that per se, but we can't live up to the ideal of not thinking negatively can we?  We all have negative thoughts, judgments, and feelings from time to time; some more than others.  And then we have positive times.  Hopefully you have more of the former, but this isn't the main event.  My mentor Robert Fritz once told us some years ago in a workshop that what actually matters is what you want to create.  The creator wants to create the creation just because it wants to be created.  I think there is a place for negativity and I am sometimes stricken by its hold.  There is great power in negativity because it is showing you that something is awry with what you are trying to create.  It helps us, or can help us, focus back on what it is we want and then keep the actions going to get it.  We never know if the creation will pan out or will be good or received well by others, but that is again not the main event.  Creating for creating's sake is the name of the game.  So the next time you are betwixt with a negative (or positive) mindset, don't overload it with some pithy ideal from The Secret, acknowledge your dismay and turn its eye onto what it's telling you to bring into existence.  So talk to your challenging co-worker, clean out that office clutter, get to the gym.  Not because you have to, but because you want to.